One of the things I have been most proud of in my work with Chris Williams, is the Digital Art Module we developed for Hull Children’s University, alongside the charity’s director Natasha Banke.

The module involves classes of children from local schools visiting museums and galleries in Hull city centre, operating from a central HQ ,”The Learning Zone” generously provided by KCOM.

The full day features a number of activities designed to allow children to learn more about the history, heritage and culture of *Hull and has visited iconic and stunning locations such as the Ferens Art Gallery, Hull Maritime Museum and The Deep. There is plenty of digital content, lots of art but above all learning and language linked to a very special city.

The activities promote creativity, interaction, deeper learning, presentation skills, speaking and listening. As with all of our work the outcomes go way beyond the tools used to achieve them and we have seen some wonderful responses and reactions to this busy, lively and exciting session.

It was an honour to be part of the Hull Children’s University team when collecting the award for “Best Use of technology within education” (alongside some very interesting winners from other categories) and I hope to continue to work with Natasha and the team as much as possible in the future, especially throughout 2017 Hull’s City of Culture year.

This week I was speaking to a parent of a child who attended a session at The Deep in August and she said “I’ve never seen him so proud of his own work. Or so keen to talk about what he’s learned. He hasn’t shut up about it. There is something inside him that’s come alive!” It is for continued and long-lasting impact like this that I dedicate my part in this award to Dr John Buttrick, founder of Hull Children’s University.

The impact of the work of this local charity is incredible. The charity inspires young people with experiences which connect them to the world and plants seeds and fires up dreams which develop into drive, vision and long term achievement. Last year alone over 5000 children worked with Hull Children’s University and that number is set to increase further next year.

There are have been many people involved in ensuring the Digital Art Module has successfully been shared with many hundreds of children. The include Natasha Banke, Rose James, Chris Lockton and Katie Cussons at Hull Children’s University along with a large team of committed mentors and volunteers, plus Brendan Smurthwaite and all of the community team at KCOM.

*UK City of Culture 2017

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