The new Mr Andrews Online Creative Computing Curriculum launched last week with 5 Academies from the Outwood Academy Trust.

I was contacted by Lee Wilson, the Executive Principal (Primaries) back in March (2017) as their current ICT scheme of work wasn’t working for them and had become stale and didn’t allow the teachers to exploit cross curricular opportunities.

This was his brief:

“I’d like you to come up with a more simpler scheme which does the following: each year group to do around 3 bigger computing projects per year which are driven in topic by the cross curricular unit of work being taught. I’d like them to wow’s the children and be aspirational. For each unit could teachers be provided with a suggested ‘how to guide’ which in effect they would then just guide the children through? I’d like the children to create something from their learning in computing whilst covering all of the computing curriculum.”

Since then I’ve been busy writing, preparing resources and collecting examples from children based on my experience working in schools supporting effective use of mobile technology.

The scheme currently contains 18 creative projects (KS1-KS2) with over 120 activities and covers the computing curriculum. Each term new projects will become available. The projects contain: activity and plans will examples, resources, pupils outcome examples including digital books, graphics, screenshots, animations, skills progression, templates, design sheets, challenges and videos. You can find out more about the projects HERE

Through ongoing conversations with Lee and Luke McNamara, the Primary Lead Teacher across the Academy there will also be a Collaborative Space for teachers to share best examples of work by children with other teachers inspired by the projects. There will also be a forum to discuss new and innovative approaches to learning and ideas on raising the profile of IT in school. You can find out more about these areas HERE

The scheme launched on Wednesday 15th November 2017. Each of the schools signed into a group Skype chat and were guided through the Teachers’ Area, including guides, projects, collaborative space and forum. Following the session each of the teachers signed up to the site and now have access to all the resources and training materials as and when required.

Across this school academic year I’ll be delivering each of the 18 projects across the Trust as part of teachers’ professional development and ‘wow’ days for the children.

“The staff will really run with this. It will be great to see the work that comes out of this year and the inspiration they get from seeing it first hand from you. I feel we are at the start of something really special.” Luke McNamara, Primary Lead Teacher, Outwood Academy

Feedback from across the Outwood Trust


The scheme and classroom based CPD is now available to all schools. If you’re looking to do something innovative with your computing curriculum then contact [email protected] or use the contact form HERE

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