I’m pleased to announce that the 19th project is now available for schools who are using the Mr Andrews Online Creative Computing Curriculum. The project ‘A 3D World’ focuses on developing pupil’s geographical enquiry skills whilst utilising the creative use of technology for effective learning.

This cross curricular project begins with the pupils exploring 3D worlds – comparing and contrasting the geographical features of a city of the United Kingdom with another city in the world.

The project includes:

  • digital map work (3D and 2D)
  • using a variety of multi-media tools to present the features of each region including key physical and human characteristics
  • planning a flight from one of the localities to the other (with links to real world maths)
  • presenting their completed work in a multi-media tourist brochure
  • making a presentation to an audience

This project can be found in the lower Key Stage 2 area of the Teachers’ Area. However, it could easily be adapted to an upper Key Stage 2 classroom. Also included are:

  • information on each location
  • model example outcome for each activity
  • copyright free images to download and use in the project
  • video examples
  • a link to a final project outcome example

The examples in this project look at the City of York and Rio De Janeiro but this project could easily be adapted to develop further skills in geography. These could include other human and physical features and studies of different locations around the globe.

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