The Wonder of Evolution is the 20th project available for schools. Each of the activities include the creative use of technology to enrich pupils’ learning experiences. Approaches are shared which can be adapted to other areas of science and across the curriculum.

This cross curricular science project examines adaptation, inheritance and evolution.

The project covers:

  • the work of Charles Darwin and his study Theory of Evolution
  • natural selection
  • inheritance in humans and other animals
  • adaptation
  • changes in animals over time
  • artificial selection (domestication)
  • human evolution
  • history of the Earth

Throughout this project the pupils will use and combine a number of creative apps to present their learning and understanding and collate them into a digital book.

The project includes everything you’ll need:

  • copyright free images to use throughout the project
  • easy to follow information on the following topics; Charles Darwin, natural selection and domestication, evidence of evolution, history of the earth, African animal adaptation
  • example outcomes for each project
  • a link to a completed project

If you’re looking to do something innovative with your computing curriculum then contact: [email protected] or use the contact form HERE

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