‘Wacky Inventions’ is the 21st project available for schools. Each of the extremely fun activities utilise technology to support the pupil’s imaginations leading to an inventive cross curricular writing outcome.

This literacy focused project for Key Stage 1 covers:

  • problem solving and logical thinking skills
  • using multimedia tools to create an Inventor’s Notebook
  • describing components
  • creating a digital safety posters
  • designing inventions
  • planning and writing instructions in a dynamic way

Throughout this project the pupils will use and combine a number of creative apps to present their learning and understanding and collate them in a multimedia book.

The project includes everything you’ll need:

  • 7 inventive activities
  • example outcomes for each activity
  • a link to a completed Inventor’s Notebook

If you’re looking to do something innovative with your computing curriculum then contact: [email protected] or use the contact form HERE

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