‘Vicious Raiders’ is the 23rd project available for primary schools. The project covers the topic of the Vikings. The activities use a variety of multimedia apps to support meaningful teaching and learning in this cross-curricular technology project.


This history/literacy focused project for Key Stage 2 covers:

  • Investigating Viking settlements and identifying their location
  • Creating an animation on the places the Vikings settled
  • Exploring Viking characteristics
  • Bringing Alfred the Great ‘back to life’ to explain his thoughts after escaping the Vikings
  • Creating a multimedia presentation describing Alfred’s life
  • Planning and creating a movie which tell the story of the Vikings

Throughout this project the pupils will use and combine a number of creative apps to present their learning and understanding and collate them in a multimedia book.

The project includes everything you’ll need:

  • 9 creative activities with example outcomes for each from the classroom
  • All the information required (Viking Raiders, Viking Timeline, Viking Text and Viking Movie Template)
  • A completed project example

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