In a world where technology is all around us, our children are living in a time where so much is possible, from virtual reality to 3D printing it is the creative possibilities technology offers which are exciting, There is an app for almost anything now and career and job opportunities in software development are abundant.

So, starting young and aiming high our children have the imagination and skills required to take the first steps in software development, even before they reach year 1 and the computing programmes of study.

The team at Mr Andrews Online have been asked to develop projects for Early Years teachers and we are now able to announce the launch of ‘OnceĀ  App On A Time’.

Once App On A Time brings together traditional stories, technology, turn-taking, collaboration and fun with 8 exciting projects each of which leads to the production of a unique app which can be viewed on tablets and computers both at home and at school.

If you are an ICT Co-ordinator, Early Years Teacher or Headteacher looking to make the most of iPads and Tablets in your school, to use technology to produce world-class content which not only supports learning but gives your early years pupils to contribute to, and be involved in the construction of their own apps, then ‘Once App On A Time’ is perfect for you.

The resource is available as a series of 8 online projects and includes online hosting for up to 24 unique apps.

Each activity is a co-operative activity and involves doing things together and giving opportunities to take turns.

There are lots of opportunities for talking and listening together – explaining, confirming and elaborating.

The projects feed the imagination and promote creative thinking, investigation, exploration and problem solving.

Training and classroom demonstrations are also available to schools in the UK, and overseas.

The completed apps can be viewed and enjoyed on tablets and the sense of pride children feel when they tap the screen to open apps they have made is very powerful.

Every child can be an app developer, and the ‘Once App On A Time’ gives children in EYFS the perfect start.


To find out more about this project, or The Mr Andrews Online Creative Computing Curriculum, please contact: [email protected]

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