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The Year 6 Awards have been designed to put the curriculum at the centre of education for the pupils.

Each award has been carefully crafted to ensure that the pupils leave Primary education with the creative skills and broad knowledge they will need for the rest of their lives.

The online awards cover all curriculum areas in a relevant and meaningful way, providing the pupils with exciting opportunities, such as national accreditations and awards from Buckingham Palace, to develop a depth of understanding across a wealth of subjects. The pupils will also be provided with opportunities to go above and beyond the curriculum to develop vital skills in First Aid and Leadership.

The innovative online activities not only provide the pupils with the knowledge of the curriculum knowledge and opportunities to develop their skills but will also build their resilience, confidence and independence as they progress through each award. 

The pupils will have access to a dynamic, engaging platform with exciting activities that include built-in videos, images, text and quizzes.

Each online course will be introduced by leading experts in their field.

How it Works

  1. Each pupil will create an account on the Mr Andrews Online website.
  2. The pupil’s profile page will keep a record of the credits and awards the pupil has earned.
  3. Credits can be earned for both knowledge and skills in a subject.
  4. On completion of an award, the pupils will be awarded a digital badge and credits.
  5. The credits for each award, once achieved, will be added up. 151 credits = Bronze Standard, 201 credits = Silver Standard and 251 = Gold Standard. 

251 – 300 Credits

201 – 250 Credits

151 – 200 Credits

  1. For those pupils who go above and beyond the Gold Award will be awarded a Gold Standard with distinction.
  2. The pupils’ class teacher will organise when the pupils will enrol for each award.
  3. The pupils will be able to access the platform at home and at school.