Geography Award (Volcanoes)

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Welcome to the Geography Award: Volcanoes!

For this Geography Award, you will cover geographical enquiry and fieldwork skills, location and place knowledge and physical processes.


Here, Mr Andrews’ avatar introduces you to this Geography Award.



You will:

  • Investigate The Ring of Fire
  • Learn how to use 6-figure grid reference to locate volcanoes around the world
  • Compare and contrast volcanoes
  • Plan an expedition to a volcano
  • Find out how volcanoes work
  • Study one of the most dramatic geographical moments in history.

For each lesson, you will be required to do some research, make notes as you watch videos, answer questions (multiple choice, short answers and longer answers and demonstrate your understanding.

Throughout this project, there will be suggestions on how you might present your work. WAGOLLs will also be provided for each lesson.

‘Volcanoes’ Knowledge Organiser

Ask your teacher to provide you with a ‘Volcanoes’ Knowledge Organiser.

The Knowledge Organiser outlines the essential knowledge that will be covered in this project.

The online quiz should be accessed multiple times to help secure knowledge and recall basic facts and concepts.

Once the quiz is complete the marks will be released. You should aim to get full marks. The quiz can be accessed time and time again.