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Digital Apprentice Projects

The Digital Apprentice projects offers a great way to bring real-world skills to the classroom and use technology effectively across the curriculum. 

Pupil Apps

Children will not only learn more about how technology works but they will also be able to unleash their creativity by designing, building and sharing their own apps.

The apps offer an amazing amount of flexibility. Children can create content which can be tailored to meet the needs of any subject, age, level and pupil ability. Content could include a famous person, a location, a famous team, a sport, a period of history, a health and fitness app, local study or a topic they’ve enjoyed at school – the possibilities are endless. The children could decide and become the expert on their chosen topic.

The Business of Trainers (App Project Example)

Click on the image above to view the app

This fun packed classroom day for Year 5/6 pupils utilises the power of technology as they embark on developing an exciting new business idea. During the project the pupils will:

  • Design and brand a pair of trainers with eye catching logos
  • Create digital posters
  • Produce and edit professional looking marketing videos
  • Bring a new trainer design ‘to life’ using augmented reality
  • Delve into the finances of business by investigating marketing and sales costs to produce profit/loss accounts.
  • Package all the multimedia content into their own unique app which can be shared with the world!
  • Pitch their business to an audience ‘Dragons Dens’ style

What Types of Apps can the Pupils Create?

The possibilities are endless. However, the Mr Andrews Online Creative Computing Curriculum includes ideas for creative content for Digital Leaders apps, Health & Fitness Apps, Our Community Apps, British Values Apps, Pupils Voice App and E-Safety Apps. Subject specific Apps examples can be found in the Collaborative Space in the Teachers’ Area.

3 Steps to Creating Pupil Apps

The pupils simply add their digital content; video, images, audio, interactive quizzes to the app software and you have teacher training content ready to share.

The content can be easily accessed on any device connected to the internet and can be added as a app to any mobile tablet’s home screen.

*The Pupil Apps and resources are available with each schools subscription to the Mr Andrews Online Computing Curriculum

The school subscribes the Mr Andrews Online Creative Curriculum

The pupils add content to the app & upload to the Mr Andrews Online server

The app link can be shared and saved to a mobile device’s home screen

Digital Apprentice Projects