Year 6: Growing Up In A Digital World

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Information Technology

  • Evaluate content against success criteria and make improvements accordingly.

Computer Science

  • Work independently on a topic to build and create a website with pages, titles, images, videos and text.
  • Recognise an audience when designing and creating a website.

Digital Literacy

  • Describe ways in which media can shape ideas about gender.
  • Describe issues online that might make me or others feel sad, worried, uncomfortable or frightened.
    Explain how identity online can be copied, modified or altered.
  • Demonstrate responsible choices about my online identity, depending on context.
  • Understand the difference between online mis-information (inaccurate information distributed by accident) and dis-information (inaccurate information deliberately distributed and intended to mislead).
  • Explain why information that is on a large number of sites may still be inaccurate or untrue. I can assess how this might happen (e.g. the sharing of misinformation either by accident or on purpose).
  • Create and use strong and secure passwords and use different them for a range of online services.
  • Describe ways in which some online content targets people to gain money or information illegally and describe strategies to identify such content (e.g. scams, phishing).
  • Describe how to get help for someone that is being bullied online and assess when to do or say something or tell someone.
  • Identify a range of ways to report concerns both in school and at home about online bullying.
  • Make positive contributions and be part of online communities and describe how to collaborate with others positively.
  • Explain how impulsive and rash communications online may cause problems (e.g. flaming, content produced in live streaming).
  • Understand that there are many positives and negatives to using social media.