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  • The knowledge organisers for the MAO Creative Curriculum outline the essential knowledge that the teachers will be covering in each project. The aim is that everyone (teachers, pupils, parents) knows exactly what is being taught, and what the pupils need to learn.
  • Teachers can quickly make connections between projects, where there are opportunities to repeat exposure to concepts and where knowledge can be reinforced and revisited in the subsequent years.
  • The knowledge organisers, projects and resources combine to expose the pupils to content which is deeper and more sophisticated so that they can talk about meaningful things they have learned.
  • The short online quiz provides that opportunity for the children to practice and secure their knowledge, recall basic facts and concepts on the road to deeper understanding and building long-term knowledge. The online quiz contain true/false, multiple choice, checkboxes and short answers. Once complete the marks are released and the quiz can be taken time and time again.

An example Knowledge Organiser from the Year 6 computing project ‘Growing Up In A Digital World’