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Teachers using the Creative Computing Scheme will benefit professionally from access to the Teachers’ Area. This area includes the collaborative area, forum and resources to support quality professional development and ultimately improve learning outcomes for pupils.

The collaborative space and forum allows you to:

  • Advance your professional development by getting support from others (and in exchange give support to others)
  • Have a richer vein of experience to draw on, through pooling ideas, references and ideas by networking with other teachers from around the UK
  • Create much better ideas than one person working alone
  • Share best practice and examples from your classroom with other professionals (videos, images, eBooks, links, etc)
  • Communicate with fellow teachers more efficiently
  • Discuss new ideas in a safe environment
  • Vote for new projects each term


Presentation Slides

Explain the benefits for pupils/teachers using the scheme, resources and CPD.

Effective Professional Development

8 clear step plan to ensure the effective implementation of the MAO Creative Computing Curriculum


Covers all the key computing skills with clear progression between each phase

App Guide

A comprehensive easy to follow app guide for teachers of all level of confidence

Computing Terminology

All key computing terminology explained with easy to understand examples from the projects

iPad in the Classroom Guide

A handy guide for getting the most out of iPads when using them in the classroom