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The skills progression grids demonstrate the progression of skills covered in each project. They provide a clear sense of progression in each area and demonstrate what has been learned in previous years, what will be learned in the current project and what will be covered next.

The skills progression document combined with the Knowledge Organiser and projects show clearly what teachers will teach and what the pupils will learn.

The progression grids show where concepts are repeated to consolidate long-term understanding. They also highlight where knowledge taught in one subject is explicitly reinforced and revisited – not only in other subjects but also in subsequent years.

Key skills, concepts and vocabulary are reinforced and consolidated because they are encountered repeatedly in meaningful contexts time and time again.

The skills coverage have been carefully prepared to offer a broad and balanced computing curriculum covering all aspects of Information Technology, Computer Science and Digital Literacy. The projects ensure that pupils have been taught all the content by the end of the key stage.

Skills progression grids demonstrate previous learning, current learning and what will be covered next.