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Here at MAO, we aim to provide teachers with the most efficient guides to follow in all of the technological areas they will cover.

You will find guides which will assist with setting up your classroom ready for technology, software and application walkthroughs, subject development and progression, subject leadership and effective CPD to name but a few.

Each can be downloaded at the click of a button as a MAO subscriber and all guides and resources are updated regularly to ensure the most up to date information applies.

Also, please check out our online videos and tutorials which are available for MAO subscribers and on our social media platforms.

Creative Computing Handbook

The Creative Computing Handbook covers information on why computing is important, the aims, projects, key vocabulary, skills progression overview and grids, knowledge organisers, cross-curricular writing opportunities,  whole class guided reading resources, WAGOLLs and assessment for learning.

Effective Professional Development

To support the effective implementation of the MAO Creative Computing Curriculum the 8 step plan can be adapted to meet the needs of teachers as part of their Continued Professional Development (CPD) and aims to benefit pupils’ learning and whole school improvement.

Knowledge Organisers

Includes all the Knowledge Organisers for each key stage in one document.

Hardware in the Classroom Guide

The ‘Hardware in the Classroom’ Guide provides some top tips to maintain the efficient running of iPads, Chrome books and Laptops and covers some basic features of the devices.

Software & App Guide

The App Guide provides your school with a list of the apps necessary for the scheme and a step-by-step guide for using each apps.

Computing Terminology

The ‘Computing Terminology’ Guides gives teachers a breakdown of all the key programming vocabulary with reference to examples from the MAO Creative Computing Curriculum.

Embedding Digital Leaders Within School

The Digital Leaders document shares tips and advice on how to embed a ‘Digital Leaders’ program throughout the school, empowering children to discuss and take responsibility of technology.

Computing Progression: A Whole School Approach

This document highlights the importance of good, quality progression documents and clear understandings of the current impact of computing within the school and where you want it to be over a specified time frame. Includes examples of progression documents, deep dive assistance materials and intent, implement and impact documents.