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Modeling high expectations for the pupils is an important part of everything that is taught. With high expectations, pupils will work to higher standards.

WAGOLL (What A Good One Looks Like) is about demonstrating to the pupils how we can use existing work to create amazing work and how teachers can use these to model to the pupils what a great piece of work might look like.

Essentially, it’s about taking the best of what is available and the pupils producing their own best work.

Cross-Curricular WAGOLLs

Each activity contains a WAGOLL. These include examples from a range of subjects from across the curriculum and include graphics, storyboards, videos, digital art, comics, writing outcomes, digital books, presentation slides, programming, spreadsheets, animations, posters, website, apps, webpage design and game design.

The image shows the WAGOLLs from the project ‘It’s My Business’

Writing WAGOLLs

Modeling writing is crucial to successful writing in primary schools. Each project comes with a modeled text, sentence starters, and key vocabulary to help scaffold the writing for pupils. These should be used to reinforce the expectations and support the pupils with areas of writing that they find tricky. Learn More >

The image shows the writing WAGOLL and sentence starters and vocabulary from the project ‘Growing Up In A Digital World’