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A webinar is an online seminar, hosted by a member of the Mr Andrews Online Team. They can cover any aspect of the effective use of technology in your school. Each webinar can be provided as part of a package of ongoing support.
MAO aim to provide the most up to date information in their online training and webinars. Current research and pedagogical practice is always considered in order to provide the best service to your school.
Take a look at our current categories of Online Training. Throughout the year, MAO provide different opportunities to engage in web based training. Keep checking our website and social media pages for details and further updates.
Effectively Implementing the MAO Creative Computing Curriculum

You will be guided through an 8 step plan that can be adapted to meet the needs of teachers as part of their Continued Professional Development (CPD). Its aim is to benefit pupils’ learning and whole school improvement.

The new 9th step includes how to become a MAO Elite School and the benefits it can bring. Contact us if you are interested in finding out more about this exciting opportunity.

Raising Writing Standards with Digital Technology

You will learn several key elements that underpin the approach using digital technology. These include the importance of spoken language, scaffolding learning, capturing feedback and reflection to improve written work.

The Coding Journey EYFS - Y6

A walkthrough of easy to follow computing ideas for pupils in key stage 1 and 2 that can cover all aspects of computer science including both theory (how computers work) and programming ‘coding’ (the skills to instruct computers to complete tasks).

Safety in a Technological World

This webinar aims to support teachers to support young people to be safe, healthy and succeed online. It will cover eight different aspects of online safety education for pupils in key stage 1 and 2 and make links to the information, resources and projects that are available online.

Enriching the Curriculum with Technology

Learn how digital technology can be used creatively to enrich learning across the curriculum. It will also cover how to develop pupils’ knowledge and understanding.