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“The staff will really run with this. It will be great to see the work that comes out of this year and the inspiration they get from seeing it first hand from you. I feel we are at the start of something really special.”

Luke McNamara, Primary Lead Teacher, Outwood Academy

“You’ve really started something at Stepney Primary School and got our school moving the right direction. Comparing what we’re doing now with where other schools are (i.e. the same place we were in before the Mr Andrews experience), the opportunities the pupils are getting are light years apart. Moving around the school, the teachers are using the iPads more and more to support learning. They’ve got the bug and the pupils are just nuts about it. I would recommend you get these chaps on board.”

Paul Browning, Headteacher, Stepney Primary School

“Just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ on behalf of the Trust today. You really captured the essence of the day and have set everyone off in the right direction. Great to see someone speaking with such knowledge and making it sound so simple …. child’s play (the children’s work amazed us). Keep up the fantastic and inspiring work!”

Claire Mudd, Headteacher, Bellfield Primary School

“Inspirational. You have inspired a whole school to embrace mobile technology to provide an amazing curriculum and outstanding opportunities for learning for all children.”

Sam Bullen, Headteacher, Wansbeck Primary School

“David and Chris are at the forefront of the growing move towards using mobile technology as a way of engaging pupils and accelerating learning. The philosophy is based on a clear approach on how technology can be used to influence learners positively. I would recommend their input for a range of purposes. They are real teachers doing the job, not just talking about theory. I have been overwhelmed by the progress this product has enabled. Standards have accelerated beyond my expectations.”

Chris Beazeley, Primary Headteacher, Essex, UK

“I am so thankful to have come across the work of David and Chris. Their work inspired me and provided me with opportunity to engage and motivate the struggling learners in my class. When I reached out to David and Chris I was pleasantly surprised at the support and guidance they provided me. Their leadership around the integration of technology, student engagement and classroom innovation has benefited my practice and the achievement of my students. I consider their counsel to be invaluable and I am certain you would as well.”

Rolland Chidiac, Elementary School Teacher, Ontario, Canada

“I think your ideas have enormous potential and will be extremely useful for teachers and schools.”

Dr Peter Rudd, Reader in Education, York University. Specialism: Overcoming the barriers to educational disadvantage (especially using technology)

“I love your ideas! They are endlessly inspiring for me and the children I work with. I work in schools consulting regarding integrating technology into the curriculum. This has been such a good way to help our children become better learners!”

Denise Hall, Educational Consultant, Victoria, Australia

Classroom Days

Feedback from pupils and teachers across a number of schools following the Mr Andrews Online classroom days